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About Jacksonville Beach

Amongst 22 miles of gorgeous golden coastland, Jacksonville Beach, Florida is a resort city of a different caliber. Ever a popular tourist destination, its renowned fishing pier, new golf course, rich history, and thriving culinary scene are just as loved by its over 23,000 residents. A short drive out of Jacksonville, its where the city’s residents go when they want to enjoy a little more peace, a little comfort, and a lot more beach fun. Tourists, visitors from the city, and natives all come to enjoy the sensation of swimming with dolphins just off the coast, a huge host of locally owned eateries, surfing, fishing, beach volleyball, and more. The beach itself has particular appeal to surfers, providing some of the finest waves on the East Coast, so it’s not unfamiliar to see veteran surfers and newbies alike sliding along the water’s surface.

Tourists and residents alike can be found in throngs on the Jax Beach Pier on a good day. Besides have a quarter of a mile’s worth of space to catch breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, it features lots of little local shops, café, and live entertainer ever keeping the coast exciting. There are a handful of theme parks and waterparks keeping the city entertained, too, with Adventure Landing being the most famous amongst them. That’s not to say that there’s nowhere to go when you’re in a more curious mood, either. The Beaches Museum & Memorial Park features a restored 18th-century house with a huge 28-ton 1911 steam engine train on display. Oceanfront Park is a popular hangout spot for the locals in particular, making the best use of the ocean breeze for a relaxing setting with playgrounds and picnic shelters. The short drive to the other nearby beaches and Jacksonville city itself make it the perfect getaway with plenty of excitement just over the horizon, too.

About Knowell’s Gun Safes and Liberty Safes

As close to a city with as many fun shooting activities as it is, plenty of people in Jacksonville Beach want to make sure they keep their firearms in safe protection and a home gun safe from Knowell’s Gun Safes can provide just that. We stock only the best safes and Liberty Safes, from Knowell’s Lock and Safe, Inc. promise quality. They can survive up to 1,200-, degree heats as well as 1,000 pounds of blunt force impacts. They’re fully designed and made in the US, so you know you’re paying for top American craftsmanship.

Our team is here to ensure you’re satisfied with each purchase. Our technicians are available during business hours and you can always reach our staff by phone while enjoying the benefits of some of the best warranty protection in the industry. When a Jacksonville Beach resident buys a gun safe from Knowell’s Gun Safes, they’re buying peace of mind with incredible cost-effectiveness. What’s more, you’re buying a dedication to customer value and service that can be hard to find these days. You’ll never need another gun safe again.

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