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Why Should I Buy a Depository Safe (“Drop Safe”)? FAQ’s & All the Basics You Need to Know


A depository safe enables you to add contents to a secure environment without having to actually open the safe. Often used in businesses, they can significantly enhance on-site security and facilitate multiple-person use. 


What is a Depository Safe (“Drop Safe”)?

When you install a depository safe or a drop safe, you’ll be improving the security of your business. Characterized by having a drawer or compartment which can be opened easily, a drop safe enables people to put things in the safe, without actually opening or accessing the safe itself. 


When employees need to add cash to a safe, for example, they can simply open the drawer of a depository safe and place the cash inside. As they don’t need to open the safe, employees don’t need to be given secure codes, passwords or keys to the safe.


As well as preventing thefts or burglaries from outside sources, a depository safe also stops employees or workers from stealing cash or valuable goods. With jagged metal teeth affixed to the inside of the safe, no-one is able to access the contents via the in-built compartment or drawer.


Due to the high level of security they offer, depository safes or drop safes are extremely popular in businesses, such as stores, restaurants, bars, and hotels. 


Why should someone buy a Depository Safe?

A drop safe provides a fantastic level of security and enables larger businesses to operate within a secure environment. Although you can allow any employee to add things to the safe easily, you needn’t provide them with access to the safe. 


As well as keeping your high-value items and cash safe, this also enhances employee safety. As your workers have no way of accessing the safe, they can’t be forced to open it on the orders of a robber or burglar. As a result, a drop safe enables you to operate with a higher level of security, no matter what type of business you’re running.


What to consider when buying a Depository Safe?

There are three types of depository safe, so it’s important to identify which one is right for you. Front-drop, rear-drop and rotary drop safes all have varying benefits, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect option for your business. 


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What do Depository Safes cost?

The price of a high-quality depository safe can vary but you’ll find them to be a cost-effective solution to security issues. With the ability to protect your cash, your goods, and your business, drop safes are a low-cost option that delivers exceptional results.


What’s the difference between a cheap Depository Safe and a more expensive one?

Generally, a cheap depository safe will be easier to break into than a more expensive, high-quality option. Due to this, cheap drop safes don’t usually provide you with the level of security you require. Furthermore, cheaper depository safes may not offer substantial protection from fire or flooding, which further limits the level of security offered.


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