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About Fleming Island

Fleming Island may not technically be an island, but there is still no shortage of subtropical fun to have in the area. Fleming Island is a cozy suburb of Jacksonville situated south of the city along the St. John’s River with a population of about 30,000. Fleming Island has a relatively high cost of living, but the tradeoff is access to one of the most beautiful communities in northern Florida with no shortage of amenities and fantastic things to do. The Fleming Island Shopping Center is full of restaurants and shops, and there are many parks and hiking trails in the area. The Eagle Harbor Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in the state, and the kids are sure to enjoy the Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park.

Many residents of Fleming Island commute to Jacksonville’s bustling inner city for work, and the area offers countless opportunities for relaxation in a breezy coastal climate. Black Creek Park and Trail is full of beautiful scenery and hiking trails, and Black Creek offers great opportunities for fishing, boating, and kayaking. You can also visit the nearby Camp Chowenwaw Park for a more old-fashioned camping experience. The greater Jacksonville area is a fantastic place for families, as it has many opportunities for work in several growing industries and some of the best schools in the state for children. Whether you’re moving to Fleming Island or have lived here all your life, there’s always something new to explore or discover in this community.

About Knowell’s Gun Safes and Liberty Safes

Fleming Island gun owners need reliable and secure gun safes they can trust to keep their firearms out of the wrong hands. That’s why Knowell’s Lock and Safe, Inc., stocks only the best. Liberty Safes have the industry’s best warranty and outperform every other safe manufacturer in stress testing. Liberty Safes from Knowell’s Lock and Safe, Inc., can survive nearly three hours at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and are hardy enough to withstand 1,000 pounds of blunt force impact. Liberty Safes are also 100% made in America, so our customers are supporting a treasured history of American craftsmanship.

Our team members are available to answer all your gun safe questions. Residents of Fleming Island can reach out to Knowell’s Lock and Safe, Inc., for information about America’s leading brand of gun safe and all our other locking services. Our customers know they can rely on Knowell’s Lock and Safe, Inc., to provide the best industry products with top-notch service every time.


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