Liberty Gun Safes and Amsec Safes

Liberty Safes leads the nation in the quality of their safes in terms of burglary and fire protection. They engineer a robust line of safes: the Colonial safe, Franklin safe, Lincoln safe, and Presidential. The wider Fatboy series offers more room for valuables and gun storage. All Liberty Gun Safes supply fire protection: an entry level safe provides roughly 30 minutes of fire protection, while a premium level safe (such as the Presidential) is build to withstand a fire up to 2.5 hours long. While some safes only have bolt coverage on one side of the safe door, the highest protection Liberty Gun Safes feature bolts on all four sides of the door. This would frustrate even the most unrelenting of burglars.

While providing maximum protection for firearms or other valuables, the Liberty Safe simultaneously maintains a sleek appearance. Many Liberty Gun Safes come in a variety of colors to fit your preferences. Whether the safe is stored in a hunting room, a bedroom, a hallway, or even a living room, it will look tasteful and sophisticated—not just a hulking, steel box.

Liberty Gun Safes have been featured on Glenn Beck, The Journal, The Blaze TV, Built in America, Family Guns, The Zone, and much more! The video below, a clip from Designing Spaces, highlights many of the features of a Liberty Gun Safe.

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American Security (AMSEC) Safes

AMSEC produces a variety of safes, from discreet floor safes, to large gun safes, to hidden wall safes.  The gun safes offered by AMSEC, depending on the model, offer 30min-2 hours of fire protection.

The body of an AMSEC safe is made from two layers of steel, then filled with a composite, cement-like material that will both hinder burglars and keep the safe’s interior temperature cooler in the event of a fire.

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Many of the Liberty Gun Safes and AMSEC Gun Safes offered by The Safe Depot feature organizational door panels with multiple pouches for the storage of smaller items.

Another useful accessory to your safe is an anchoring kit. This provides the necessary bolt to secure your safe to the ground. In the event of a break-in, burglars often tip the safe over; it is easier to have the leverage to pry a safe open when the safe is horizontal. Anchoring your safe in a vertical position seriously hinders burglars from battering the safe open.

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