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Many people on a budget, when shopping for a safe, unfortunately select cheap safes over quality safes. Some vendors offer cheaper safes are much more inexpensive, but the safes’ steel plating is incredibly thin and there are few bolts securing the door, which makes the safe itself easy to penetrate. This defeats the purpose of a safe, and gives these owners a false sense of security as they put their valuables inside a safe that a burglar could pry open in a minute or less, or that would be obliterated in a serious fire.

When searching for an inexpensive safe, rather than paying money for a virtually useless, cheaply made safe, a wiser option would be to purchase a high-quality, used safe. Often, safe owners eager to upgrade to the latest model will sell their old safes back at discount prices. Other people may inherit a safe from family, and have no use for it, while others still may move into a home where the previous homeowner never had the energy to have the safe removed. The Safe Depot can then sell these sturdy used safes, in excellent condition, to anyone seeking a better deal.

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