Why America Chooses Liberty Safes Over Big-Box Store Gun Safes

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Investing in a gun safe can be one of the most important decisions you make. For the safety of your family and your home, invest in a high quality gun safe to ensure your firearms do not fall into the wrong hands or create a serious hazard in the event of a fire. Some of the deals you see at big-box stores like Costco, Bass Pro Shops, and the Home Depot may seem tempting, but the gun safes at big-box stores cannot compare to the durability of a Liberty Safe.


Why Shouldn’t I Buy My Gun Safe at a Big-Box Store?

A gun safe should have the safety features you expect to keep your firearms secure in your home, safe from fires and other hazards, and out of the hands of children or intruders. However, merchandise sold at big-box stores like Costco and Bass Pro Shops is designed for mass appeal. These stores strive to sell as much as they can to as many customers as they can, and they design many of their products to appeal to the broadest base to increase their sales. They may carry some leading brands, but none of their brands compare to the quality of Liberty Safes.


Costco offers bulk discounts on typical household items, and they have stores all over the country. However, Costco does not specialize in any one type of merchandise – unlike Liberty; they make it their primary mission to craft gun safes, and they have the experience to do it right. The gun safes you’ll find at a typical Costco store will not match the quality of what you’ll find from Liberty Safes.


Bass Pro Shops offers many high-quality products aimed at outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and camping. They also sell firearms and many firearm accessories. They generally have a positive reputation as one of the leading retailers of outdoor and sporting equipment in the country. However ,the gun safes they offer may come with attractive price tags but rarely offer anything close to the level of security and value you get when you buy a Liberty Safe.


Home improvement stores like the Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a wide variety of tools, household supplies, building materials, and other products that could be perfect for your next home renovation project. If you plan on installing a new set of cabinets in your home to hold your gun safe, your best bet is to buy your cabinetry supplies from one of these home improvement stores and buy a Liberty Safe to fit inside. Home Depot and Lowe’s specialize in home improvement, not firearm and firearm accessory sales.


If you own firearms or are planning on purchasing some in the future, you need a secure and reliable safe to store and protect them. Don’t be enticed by low price tags; look for the kind of product that would offer a lifetime guarantee. Big-box stores have their purposes and may offer a wide selection of great products, but a gun safe is not something any responsible gun owner should purchase off the shelf at a big-box store. They won’t have the quality, durability or safety of what Liberty offers. These gun safes protect a precious investment, and they take that protection seriously.


Why Your Gun Safe Investment Is So Important?

A gun safe ensures your firearms are safe in a number of situations. If you have children at any age it’s vital to teach them about proper gun safety and the potential danger of firearms. However, that’s only the first level of gun safety. Their curiosity may encourage them to try and investigate your firearms when you’re not looking or friends may visit who haven’t been taught about gun safety. Many tragedies have occurred due to accidental discharges involving children whose parents neglected to lock up their firearms correctly.


Gun safes also protect your firearms and ammunition from fire damage. If a fire breaks out in your home, the high heat from the flames could potentially ignite the powder in your ammunition, causing an intense and highly dangerous explosion and accidental, random discharges. Liberty Safes feature some of the best fire protection available, increasing the chances of your firearms and ammunition remaining safe until fire crews put out the fire.


Many Americans purchase firearms for self-defense and to defend their homes from intruders, but gun owners who do not lock up their weapons may have those weapons used against them during home invasions. It’s also possible for intruders to simply steal firearms and then sell them on the black market.


On the other end of self-defense and home protection, it’s essential to have a gun safe that allows you to quickly and securely retrieve your firearms when you need them. Liberty Safes use reliable, cutting-edge security features that will ensure no one but you can open the safe.


What to Look for When Purchasing a Gun Safe

The gun safes available from leading big-box retailers have little to offer aside from potentially attractive price tags. However, remember the old adage: “you get what you pay for.”


When purchasing a gun safe, you need an American made product that you can trust. Consider the following factors to make an informed decision that provides you with peace of mind. A few of the many benefits of investing in a Liberty Safe include:

  • Build quality. Liberty Safes are built entirely in the USA using uncompromising building standards and top-notch design quality. Every square inch of your Liberty Safe has been painstakingly reviewed and tested for quality control. Every Liberty Safe, from the economic Centurion to the masterclass Presidential edition has been meticulously crafted down to the very last detail.
  • Fire protection. Every Liberty Safe is able to withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. The unexpected can occur at any time, and if your home experiences a fire from a kitchen mishap, old wiring, or a severe storm, you can rest assured knowing your Liberty Safe can withstand the flames. The base Centurion model will offer up to 30 minutes of fire protection while the Presidential model can withstand nearly three full hours of the most intense flames.
  • Lifetime guarantee. When you purchase a Liberty Safe, the manufacturer stands behind the product 100% for the entire lifetime of the product. If your safe suffers damage from an intrusion or a fire, Liberty will replace your safe with a brand-new model at no charge. When you buy a Liberty Safe, you don’t just purchase peace of mind; you buy a lifetime guarantee that your firearms will be secure. You can even transfer the warranty to a new owner if you ever decide to sell your Liberty Safe.
  • Unbeatable security. Every Liberty Safe comes with standard safety features that would make any gun safe from a big-box store blush. Liberty Safes feature thick locking bars and an intrusion-proof combination lock or key lock for whichever type of security suits your lifestyle best.
  • When you purchase a gun safe from a big-box store your options are limited to what the store currently has in stock. When you buy a Liberty Safe from Knowell’s Lock & Safe you can customize your Liberty Safe inside and out to your exact specifications to fit any style home.
  • Unmatched value. A gun safe is a major purchase for any responsible gun owner. Keeping in mind that you get what you pay for, you should aim for a gun safe that offers unmatched performance and unparalleled build quality, and that is exactly what you will get when you purchase a Liberty Safe.


To put it simply, there isn’t a single gun safe you can find in any big-box store in America that can compare to even the most modest Liberty Safe product. Liberty Safes has been committed to providing responsible gun owners with the highest quality gun safes in the country for years and remains committed to that promise with a lifetime guarantee on every Liberty Safe sold. If you’re going to make such an important purchase for your safety and the safety of your family and home, choosing the highest quality safe is the best option – and one that can be customized. When you purchase a Liberty gun safe, expect to pass it down to the next generation.

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