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Why Should I Buy a Home Safe? FAQ’s & All the Basics You Need to Know


Home safes are rising in popularity as more and more people look to protect their personal belongings. If you’re thinking about purchasing one, then here are some key things to know before you buy: 


What is a home safe?

A home safe is a type of safe that’s designed to be used inside your house. They’re built to fit in residential properties and will have enough space to store some of your most valuable belongings. They vary in style and sizes depending on how much protection you require – and how many items need to be stored. 


Why should someone buy a home safe?

Do you have any belongings that are valuable to you? Better yet, do you own irreplaceable things? This could be something that’s financially valuable or something with a lot of sentimental value. Either way, you can’t afford for it to be stolen or damaged. Therefore, a home safe is the perfect solution! It offers protection from external forces and natural disasters – many are water and fireproof. 


We also have a range of gun safes that are ideal for home use too. Here, you’re securing a valuable item but also keeping something dangerous out of harm’s way. So, home safes have multiple uses!


What to consider when buying a home safe?

Before you buy, there are some top things to consider: 


  • Safe size: how big does your home safe need to be? This will depend on what you’re storing in there.
  • Safe thickness: how thick are the walls of the safe, and how strong is the material? You need a home safe to be strong enough to withstand heavy blows if someone tries breaking into it.
  • Fire & Waterproof: is the safe resistant to fires and floods? If it is, check the ratings for both as you need to ensure your items are safe for as long as possible.
  • Lock type: will you opt for a mechanical lock or a digital one? Either one is fine, but which one do you think is easier for you to use?
  • Installation: where will the safe be installed? Can it be fitted to the floor or inside a wall? 


Think about all of these things, and you’ll soon have an idea for what the perfect home safe will look like. 


What do home safes cost?

Similar to all safes, a home safe will vary in price depending on all of the previously mentioned factors. As a general rule, the smaller and less advanced the safe, the cheaper it will be. Some can be as little as $50 or so, while others will set you back a few hundred dollars. 


What’s the difference between a cheap home safe & a more expensive one?

Cheap home safes might be easier on your wallet, but they lack the quality and assurance of more expensive ones. If you pay a little bit more, then you’ll have a far better safe that will keep your items protected. Cheap options will rarely be water or fireproof, and the doors are usually much thinner. To feel confident that your valuables are protected from everything, it pays to get the more expensive home safes. 


About Knowell’s Lock & Safe

With years of experience, we’ve established ourselves as one of the most trustworthy locksmith’s in the Jacksonville area. Our highly trained technicians can offer a range of services that will help you get out of a tough situation. A locksmith can come to your home and fit brand new locks for every door, boosting your home security. You never have to worry about being locked out again either; we’ll be on-hand to get you back inside your home. 


Our safe services are highly popular as we offer a high level of customer care. You can buy your safe from us, and we will deliver it straight to your front door. As well as this, we can fit the safe for you and get everything set up and ready for you to use. 


Many of our customers come to us for our gun safe service. Here, we offer exceptional gun safes that can keep your firearm locked away. It minimizes the risks of anyone accidentally picking up your gun in the home, and you can protect a very valuable asset. We offer a full range of gun safes for you to choose from, with some being combination safes that let you store other valuable items in them too. All of our safes are tested by independent companies to ensure they meet the highest security standards possible. 


No matter what service you’re after, the team at Knowll’s is always happy to help! Don’t be afraid to contact us with any questions about any of our services. 

About Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is home to an ever-growing population and is now the largest city in the continental United States. With so many people in the streets, the chances of burglaries can be quite high in some parts of the city. Therefore, home safes are seen as essential for many property owners that want to keep their most prized possessions safe and secure. 


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