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The service vehicles for Knowell’s Lock & Safe are like a complete shop on wheels! Our service techs are radio dispatched while in the field from the office. Our reliable response time makes Knowell’s Lock & Safe one of the best Jacksonville locksmiths. Knowell’s Lock & Safe offers a variety of lock and key services. Our lock and safe specialists serve both commercial and residential locations. We can unlock homes and businesses, cut keys, rekey and master key locks, and install and repair locks and door closers. Browse through our service descriptions below, or call us with any questions you may have.

Jacksonville Locksmith Services

Knowell’s Lock and Safe offers home and office opening and re-keying with speedy response time. Call us anytime during business hours and we will have someone quickly come over and unlock and/or re-key your home or office.

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Locksmith Service Areas

While our safe sales & delivery areas extend as far north as Brunswick, GA and south as Daytona Beach, FL, Knowell’s Locksmith Services focus primarily on just the following areas:

Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, Nocatee, Oakleaf, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine


Unlocking Homes and Businesses

Nothing slows down your day like being locked out of your house, or work location.  Don’t risk climbing through the window—call The Safe Depot!  The knowledgeable staff of our Jacksonville locksmith can quickly unlock your home or office, getting your day back on schedule.

Key Cutting

The Safe Depot creates professionally cut keys.  Don’t wait until your house keys have all gotten lost and you’re sitting hopelessly locked out on the porch.  Consider making some duplicates! Making additional keys also allows you to distribute keys to all of your family members, employees, or other trusted individuals.



“Rekeying” a lock is a service provided by professional locksmiths that reconfigures a pre-installed lock so that it corresponds with a new set of keys.  This makes all previous keys obsolete.  Rekeying is a valuable service if your home or business keys have fallen into the wrong hands, or become lost.

There are many scenarios in which you should consider rekeying so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that all operational keys are accounted for. After an employee turnover, for example, a former employee may still have keys to the office when they shouldn’t. For landlords, if an old tenant abandons their location, the locks should be rekeyed to ensure that the old keys will no longer work in the locks.

Also, if you have just moved homes or business locations, rekeying is wise, since you don’t know who the previous tenants could have distributed keys to. Rather than installing an entirely new lock system, it’s often cheaper and more efficient to just have the current locks rekeyed.  This way, only the internal pins to the lock are switched out, and not the entire lock hardware.

Master Keying

Master Keying is type of rekeying service that allows different keys to open one lock. This service involves the creation of two types of keys. One of these keys is called a change key.  A change key can only open a specific lock, like the door to a single apartment at an apartment complex.  The other key that can open the lock is called the master key, such as the one used by the landlord of the whole apartment complexA master key has the ability to open multiple locks.

Master keys are commonly used by schools and large office buildings. Many people prefer a master key system because a master key allows access to many places with a single key.  This simplifies organization, and makes it easier to monitor who has access to which areas.



Locks Selection and Services

Here at the Safe Depot, our broad lock selection includes service locks, keyless entry locks, and high security locks.  As a Jacksonville locksmith, our high security locks are territory key restricted and can only be cut by us, resulting in total key control. Aside from Rekeying and Master Keying, The Safe Depot offers a variety of additional lock services, such as lock installation, lock repair, and lock upgrades.

Door Closers, Pivots, and Hinges Repair

The Safe Depot’s locksmiths happily repair and install door closers and pivots.  Door closers are mechanisms above the door that ensure a door closes slowly, while still latching.  A dysfunctional door closer can lead to many frustrating problems: a door not closing 100% of the way, or slamming regularly.  Especially if your door closer is leaking oil, or has no spring tension, give us a call to discuss replacement or repair options. The Safe Depot also can fix door pivots and hinges.

Request Locksmith Services

If you are currently locked out of your work or home – please call us at: Call us Now! (904) 387-0042 (during business hours). Otherwise, please fill out the form below to ask questions or to schedule a re-keying or other locksmith service. We will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day.


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