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Great family and they know their business

I can remember visiting Knowells safe and key shop as a child tagging along with my father. Now I use them myself for lock repairs and have had locks rekeyed over the weekend and they were fantastic. I eventually plan to take my wife in there one day to help pick out a safe to secure my gun collection and her jewelry. My aunt told me recently that she has used them at her condominium at Fernandina Beach before and that she did purchase a home safe too. Great family and they know their business. D and J Orange Park, Fl.  8-28-2014


These folks have it together when it comes to customer service

I purchased a Foreclosed home in Mandarin and was told by the realtor to have my locks rekeyed to insure the only one with keys to my new home was me. He suggested that I phone Knowells Locksmith company which I did and they were able to come out the same day. These folks have it together when it comes to customer service where as I had the job done on the day of closing and they gave me the peace of knowing that my new home was secure and safe. I would recommend them to anyone in need of quick and professional service at a fair price.
Thank you Knowells Locksmith you’ve earned my business! Sandra T. Jacksonville 8-22-14


Impressed with not only the huge selection but the knowledge of the employees

My wife and I drove up from Palm Coast to visit the showroom of Liberty’s Safe dealer of Knowell Lock and Safe and we were very impressed with not only the huge selection but the knowledge of the employees there. They were able to answer all of our questions and gave us much needed advice. These folks are Professionals at what they do. We ended up purchasing a Lincoln 50 and had them deliver and install it into our garage. My wife loves the jewelry drawer and I love the space and organization it offers. Thank you Knowell’s and especially the sales lady Gail whom we dealt with for your assistance. You are true professionals and are an asset to Liberty Safe. We will recommend you to all of our friends and family. John and Brenda Palm Coast Florida 8-26-2014


These guys were very professional and swift

The wife and I visited Knowells safe showroom after one of my police officer buddies suggested we go there and were very impressed with the inventory and selection of safes they carry in stock. They were knowledgeable and answered each question we had about the safes and we ended up purchasing a Liberty Franklin 50. We had them deliver and bolt it inside of our garage and the went over the digital lock with me and I set my own numbers to it. These guys were very professional and swift. From the time they arrived to my home, and the time it took to install it and show me the operation of it, they were gone in 30 minutes. Professional and clean job. Knowells is all about safes and I will happily recommend them to all of my family and friends. This day and age you must protect what’s yours or you might just lose it to a drug addict. Thank you Geoffrey and Charlie, delivery team and family members of
Knowells Lock & Safe – G and N Oakleaf Plantation, Fl 07/23/14


I’m VERY glad I did

Purchased a liberty safe from last fall.  I had shopped all the big box stores and during my research I found Knowell’s Lock & Safe on Blanding Blvd in Jax.  I went from listening to the big box kids who knew less about safes than I had already found out online to an educated safe “expert”.  Brett and team had to endure several visits from me before I made my decision to buy a Lincoln 50.  This is a replacement safe due to out growing my current one. Per Brett’s recommendation I move up from the Fat Boy for the extra room, I’m VERY glad I did. Invest in the best and largest you can afford, you’ll have it for a  lifetime.  The staff at Knowell’s delivered the safe the same day, professionally installed it and it was good to go.  (vs. the big box stores who were going to sublet delivery to a third party). To keep from going on and on, look, if your in the market for a safe, you have to check out Knowell’s Lock & Safe, you will be glad you did. – Doug Jax July 9, 2014


The service I received were second to none

I purchased a Liberty Centurion, Explorer safe this week from Knowell’s, on Blanding Blvd., in Jacksonville and the service I received were second to none. Their friendly and experienced staff helped me determine exactly what I needed for what I wanted safely stored. They delivered and installed the safe the same day of purchase. The delivery guys were courteous, quick and professional. The quality of their merchandise has given me and my family the peace of mind to know that our valuables will be safely protected for years to come. As an LEO, I would recommend Knowell’s to anyone looking to protect their valuables inside their homes. – Gregg M.   06/28/14


Great customer service and great products and amazing prices

Purchased a Liberty Lincoln safe from Knowell’s and could not be happier.  Great customer service and great products and amazing prices.  They were always helpful and professional from initial phone conversation to delivery of my safe.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a gun safe. – Monte W.  Jun 06/26/14


This safe is not only functional, it’s a piece of furniture

This safe is not only functional, it’s a piece of furniture. My wife fought me a little on buying a safe but between keeping my weapons locked safely, we had a small electrical fire from our water heater in the garage. THAT opened her eyes and she got on board to proceed with our purchase. When the safe arrived, she pulled out all her precious photos, passports, etc. and they are now tucked safely away from danger. – Steve B – May 30, 2014


Was a very good purchase

Was a very good purchase. Liberty makes a good product and has a great guarantee. Knowell’s Lock and Safe in Jacksonville Fl. has a very knowledgeable and professional staff from the sale to the delivery and set up. – RICK W – Apr 22, 2014


The installer was very knowledgeable

Purchased a Liberty Presidential Series PX40 from Knowell’s Lock and Safe Inc. and am extremely pleased. A very professional company which delivered the safe on time. There were no damage to the property or the safe itself during delivery and the installer was very knowledgeable on the safe features and operations along with taking the time to explain the setup. – Jacksonville, FL. – Apr 22, 2014


Great solution for space constrained customers

Very pleased in every respect with my new Liberty Premium 20 safe. Great solution for space constrained customers. – USMC Gator – Feb 23, 2014


I am going to love my Liberty Fatboy!

Just received and had delivered my new Liberty Fatboy safe. The quality of the safe and it’s features were better than I expected. The only problem is I am going to have to buy more guns to fill it up to its 64 gun max! Also buy from a specialty dealer and not a “Big Box” store. I never received any half from them and the specialty dealer knew more about the product, could service it if I do have a problem and their delivery team was amazing! Great customer service! – Michael S. – Jan 15, 2014


It’s just what I needed!

I just purchased a Liberty Fatboy Jr. from Knowells and it’s just what I needed! I had been looking for a safe for over a month when a co-worker recommended Liberty Safes. Geoff and his staff were instrumental in my decision to purchase the Fatboy Jr., and it’s an AWESOME safe! I had Knowells professional installation team deliver and install my Fatboy Jr. Great job guys! No problems. Knowells expertise saved me time and money; I’ve heard several of my friends say they wished they had bought a bigger safe. But thanks to Geoff, I’m not one of those guys! Whether a first time safe buyer like me, or an old hand, I highly recommend you visit Geoff and the staff at Knowells. – Mike M. 01/12/2014


You will not be disappointed!

Just received my FatBoy today and we are so pleased with our purchase. The safe has more than enough room for our needs,( looking forward to filling it up!) and now I feel so much better that everything in there will be safe and secure. Awesome job from the good folks at Knowell’s Lock and Safe, we selected and purchased on Saturday, delivered and set up the following Tuesday! If you are looking for a safe, definitely put the FatBoy on the list, and if you are in N Fla, check out Knowell’s, you will not be disappointed! – Jim – Dec 24, 2013


I would highly recommend that you purchase your safe from them

I bought the safe for the peace of knowing that my property would be protected. Knowells lock and safe was an excellent retailer, and I can only say that they did a wonderful job throughout the buying process. If you are in the Jacksonville area, I would highly recommend that you purchase your safe from them. – paxeman – Dec 21, 2013


I cannot say enough about their courtesy and professionalism

After much online research, I decided on Liberty’s Revere 30 for it’s price, quality, and the fact that it is U.S.made. I am glad I did as it is a great safe.

I bought the safe from Knowell’s Lock & Safe in Jacksonville, Fl. I cannot say enough about their courtesy and professionalism. I live in Inverness, Fl. (3 hours away) and they were more than happy to deliver and install it within 3 days of it’s arrival to their store. I will surely recommend them in the future. Thanks again to Geoff and his crew at Knowell’s! – Kevin in Inverness – Mar 30, 2013


We are very satisfied with the entire experience

We did our own research on the Liberty web site, then went to the recommended dealer to see the safes in person. The web site and sales person were excellent. We are very satisfied with the entire experience. – Karen & Bill – Dec 1, 2012


A terrific buying experience!

Excellent product and pleasing quality, fit and finish. The sales and installation service provided by Knowell’s Lock and Safe of Jacksonville, Florida is second to none–a terrific buying experience! – Sten – Nov 9, 2012


Great trustworthy, knowledgeable people

Knowell’s Lock and Safe does a great job. Great trustworthy, knowledgeable people. – Austin – Nov 5, 2012


The only company I would ever consider for future purchases

Yesterday afternoon, October 8, 2012, 2 beautiful Liberty (Revere 20) Safes were delivered to my home. I had purchased one for myself and my oldest son had purchased the other. The 2 safes were delivered by the only company I would ever consider for future purchases. This conclusion is based on their exceptional knowledge of safe’s features and designs, and the employees demonstrated & sincere, caring demeanor and unusual attention to detail. The company is family owned and operated. It is . . . – JimsFamilyBlue – Oct 10, 2012


I was completely confident that I had found the very best

I KNEW that my son and I were getting outstanding safes . . I started doing my research 2 months earlier, speaking to numerous company representatives from different manufacturers, speaking with local lock and safe company representatives and doing research on the Internet. It didn’t take me long to realize that the people I was directed to speak to at the “big boys” home improvement stores, not only didn’t have the necessary knowledge, but didn’t really care. Then, someone at Liberty corporate headquarters referred me to Knowell’s Lock & Safe. After my first conversation with Geoff, the owner, I was completely confident that I had found the very best. He worked with me in every consideration possible . . price, delivery, accessories, additional features, etc. etc. What impressed me the most however, was his obvious interest in my being satisfied with the comprehensive services of his business. His son and nephew delivered the safes. They moved mine easily from their vehicle to the closet where it would be located (and bolted down).


A company that CARES

They took time and explained every aspect, and every feature. They had suggestions and ideas that I was quick to seize upon. I knew they genuinely cared . . (what a concept . . a company that CARES:-)!! Thanks Jeff and Danny. It is so nice to be confident in a product and additionally, have the peace of mind in knowing that if I ever needed assistance, whether a question or some advise, the folks at Knowell’s will be there for me. I have been a sworn law enforcement officer my entire adult life. I’m always been a bit guarded in my raves and compliments, however, I am so impressed with this family and their business, I can say “Buy with Confidence”.
They deliver from Daytonna Beach, FL to Brunswick, GA, however, if your out of their delivery area, it may be well worth the drive in your pick up truck 🙂 Everybody stay safe! –  – geoffc888 10/05/2012


I am very impressed with the service and value

I purchased an American Security (Amsec) safe from Knowell’s Lock and Safe. Although this was not a safe that they regularly carried in stock, Geoff Knowell was happy to order the exact item that I wanted. All together (including delivery and installation), the price was comparable to what I would have paid to get the same item drop shipped from an online retailer and then placed inside my office by a second party. I am very impressed with the service and value obtained from Knowell’s. I highly recommend them for all safe and locksmith needs. They did an outstanding job of delivering and placing the safe. Moving a 1,300 lb safe over tile and wood floor, and around a tight corner is definitely a job for professionals, one that Knowell’s accomplished without leaving so much as a smudge on a wall. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with this local business. –  Ken – Apr 23, 2012


Honest and reputable company

A couple of years ago I purchased a Liberty National Security 40 and I have been completely satisfied with it ever since. You see I have been in the lock and safe business for over 29 years now and I manage my family’s business, and I happen to be a “safe cracker” by trade.

Well after much time researching the different safe companies, I made a decision as to our company becoming a dealer. After having met the Southeast sales rep. at the time, Don Poper, I was convinced that Liberty Safe Co was the one for us. You see we are Liberty Safes of North Florida and we are all delighted to have the opportunity of representing such an honest and reputable company. Their warranty exceeds the rest and the customer service is the best.

I am not just a dealer but a satisfied customer as well, – Geoff Knowell – Knowell’s Lock and Safe, Inc


This is a business you can TRUST

I am very satisfied with my SAFE and the service from Knowell’s. Very friendly and knowledgeable. This is a business you can TRUST. They arrived on time, placed and bolted my safe in 30 minutes. No hidden charges. At the right price. Just like they said they would. Don’t wait – call Knowell’s now.  –  Jeff – Fleming Island, FL –  07/15/2010


He walked me through the process

I have a very old safe I was unable to open with the combination. I called and spoke to Jeff and he supplied me with different suggestions on how to open and said I could call him back when I was in front of the safe. Once home I tried his suggestions and was unsuccessful. I called and spoke with Jeff and he walked me through the process and I was able to open the safe. I really appreciated his time and help. Jeff was helpful and patient. Because of Jeff, I will use this business when the time comes. Thanks Jeff … you are a life saver to me… Thanks, – John B 07/15/2009


The best locksmith ever

Thanks Knowell’s lock & safe inc you are the best locksmith ever. You guys are amazing to the community in jacksonville florida.  I’m proud to be a customer with you, Knowell’s! – smithfamily1 03/16/2010


Knowledge and patience

I never knew how many valuables I had until my house was broken into. I cursed and hollered everyday that my husband bought our Liberty Safe from them. I now thank him everyday. We went in there at least five times before we bought the safe. Without their knowledge and patience, I would have lost everything. Thank You guys for my sense of security! – safelover101 05/20/2010



I bought a Liberty Fatboy Jr., and Jeff was fantastic to work with. Great safe! Great deal! Thanks Jeff. – Andy B.  03/18/2012

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