3 More of the Most Common Lock Picking Tools

If you missed our first installment in this series, click here to get up to speed. Here we have a few more helpful tools to have in your toolkit in the event that you ever have to break into your own home or car. Don’t forget, in order for any of these to be effective, you’ll need a tension rod.



1. Wafer Pick

A wafer pick, as the name suggests, is designed to open wafer locks. Although you don’t necessarily need a pick specifically designed for this type of a lock, it will make your life a little easier.


2. Round Pick

This pick looks how you would expect it to look- round at the end, in either the shape of a full or half circle. It is another pick that can be used to open wafer locks, and is handy to have in your arsenal.


3. The Skeleton Key

The skeleton key is also known as the warded picks, as these picks are designed to tackle warded locks. Warded locks have simpler design than pin locks, and employ wards to allow or deny access based on the shape of the key. The skeleton key is stripped down to the essential part of a warded key, the very end, allowing for easier manipulation and less chance of the key being denied.
Hopefully this short list will help you out of a tight spot sometime in the future. If you do end up needing to call in a professional, make sure you hire someone who is trustworthy and reliable, and who has all the necessary tools to tackle any job. Knowell’s Lock and Safe 24 hour locksmiths are on call and ready to come to your aid night or day. Save our number to your phone so that you’ll have it close at hand when you need it: 904-387-0042.

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