Depository Safes

A depository safe is a type of safe where content can be inserted into the safe without having to open it. Most often, this is cash that employees deposit that is then stored safely until retrieved by a manager. Businesses that typically choose to rely on depository safes are restaurants, hotels/motels, bars, and convenience stores. This safeguards the cash from both robberies and internal theft, because individual employees do not have access to the safe combination or key, only the managers and trusted company members.

Different Kinds of Depository Safes

There are three types of depository safes. The interior of all these safes are armed with jagged metal “teeth” that prevent anyone from fishing cash out through the drop compartment at the top.

Front-Drop Depository Safe

In a front-drop depository safe, you can put money into a compartment, and it will fall into the locked safe compartment below. This type of depository system resembles a post office box mail slot.

Rear-Drop Depository Safe

In a rear-drop depository safe, the deposit is typically made in a different room from the safe, with the chute transporting the content through a wall. This way, employees can deliver content to an administrator’s room, or to a central money hold.

Rotary Depository Safe

Rotary depository safes have a rotating drum at the top. This allows for bulkier items to be deposited into the safe, such as coin purses, stacks of cash, or keys.


Each type of safe presents its own advantages. Browse our collection of depository safes to determine which design is best for your business’ needs!