Gun Safe Dealer in Fruit Cove

About Fruit Cove

Often ranked amongst the very top places to live in the region, Fruit Cove is a community of over 16,000 residents in St. Johns County, Florida. Right on the edge of St. John’s River, it’s a little over a half an hour away from the much busier Jacksonville as well as golden sands of the Jacksonville Beaches. To many, it’s a cozy retreat from the city with plenty of natural beauty to soak in, while for its residents, it’s a wonderfully warm and caring community, where you’re always surrounded by nature, whether it’s the wisteria trees so iconic to the area or the herons of nearby Lake Beluthahatchee.

As close as it is to Jacksonville, Fruit Cove gun owners have plenty of activities like gun ranges to enjoy, as well as hunting, whether its wild hog, deer, or duck. There are beautiful outdoor hotspots in every direction from Fruit Cove for residents and visitors to explore. In the north, you’re only a bridge away from Mandarin Park with its orange groves, playgrounds, and tennis courts. A little way south brings you to Alpine Groves Park, where gorgeous butterfly groves, huge pines, and fishing piers set the perfect scene for its historic structures, loving preserved from the 19th century. In the east, you can find the Julington Creek Golf Club, where you can enjoy a day on the greens in some of the finest Floridian country. Nestled between a river and twenty-two miles of coast, Fruit Cove residents have it all right on their doorstep. It’s also a place of great community, with a whole host of top quality schools and churches, as well as the Marywood Retreat and Conference Center of the Diocese of St. Augustine, where community members of all faiths come together to for meetings and events or even a simple stroll around the 100 acres of gorgeous land.

About Knowell’s Gun Safes and Liberty Safes

Long-time residents and new arrivals alike in Fruit Cove can ensure full responsibility for their firearms with Knowell’s Gun Safes. Knowell’s Lock and Safe, Inc. has been providing American-made protection for over thirty years with some of the very best equipment in the business. Liberty Safes are just the tool you might need to know that your guns are safe and secure, with their ability to withstand 1,000-impacts and 1,200-degree Fahrenheit heats. Whether you want to keep your hunting equipment safe or simply to ensure that your home protection doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, a gun safe could be just the thing you need.

Besides real craftsmanship and dedication to both quality and strength, all built in the US, Knowell’s Gun Safes promises customer service and care that you won’t find in many other places. Our team is always available by phone during business hours to answer any queries and our gun safe technicians can ensure that any issues you might have will be resolved in no time at all. Fruit Cove residents can reach out at any time to Knowell’s Gun Safes and know they’re getting safes and service that can’t be beaten.


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