Hidden Diversion Safes


hidden diversion safe

hidden diversion safe

Hidden diversion safes are perfect at-home safes. Not only are they are often inconspicuous, lightweight, and well hidden, but they also are highly creative and fun. Many are easy to carry with you, such as book safes, and safes disguised as decoration candles or cans of food.

In general, small, conspicuous safes are vulnerable because they are easy for someone to walk away with. Diversion safes eliminate this concern by hiding your safe in plain sight.  If a safe doesn’t look like a safe, then it is less likely to be stolen, because diversion safes don’t announce where your valuables are to potential burglars.  They just look like another household item.

Some hidden diversion safes can even be installed outside, such as in a fake sprinkler head. See what diversion safes The Safe Depot offers by checking out our store!

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