Home and Office Safes

While The Safe Depot offers large gun safes, we also carry home and office safes. These safes are sturdy, but of a more manageable size, and can feature dual protection from both fire and burglary. The Safe Depot carries a variety of brands of home and office safes. Among these are Cobalt, Gardall, and Amsec safes.

Classic Combination and Electronic Lock Safes

With classic safes, some are designed specifically to withstand burglaries. Others are engineered with fire protection in mind. Though more expensive, the most heavy duty home and office safes offer both fire and burglary protection. Before purchasing a safe, consider which of these threats you intend to guard your valuables against, and choose a safe that fits those needs.

Unlike floor safes and wall safes, these classic safes aren’t installed flush with the architecture of a room. Especially with the more portable sizes of home and office safes, take precautions to avoid thieves to simply carrying your safe away (rather than spending a lot of time attempting to break in). No matter the size of your safe, anchor it to the floor to discourage this problem. Also, do not keep your safe in an obvious place. Master bedrooms are the most common place to store safes and other valuables, and experienced burglars will know to look there. Consider putting your safe in a least common place, such as a basement or garage, to better hide it from thieves.


Floor Safe

Floor safes are an excellent option when hiding your valuables. Sticking with the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, a floor safe (installed flush with the floor) can easily be cloaked with a rug, couch, or other piece of furniture. While not a good option to safeguard from fire damage, a floor safe will certainly perplex potential thieves as they search for your valuables. Most floor safes have a large capacity of items they can hold, and are installed in concrete, making it virtually impossible for a burglar to carry the safe away to break into it on their own time.

Wall Safe

A wall safe, while thinner than a floor safe, is more easily accessible for you to use. With a wall safe, you can unlock your safe and  reorganize the contents conveniently, whereas with a floor safe, you would be kneeling down and digging around inside (which may be impractical for elderly users, or anyone with bad knees). A wall safe also doesn’t take up excess space in your living area, as it is installed flush with the wall. Similar to a floor safe, a wall safe can be well hidden. Wall safes can be hidden behind mirrors, clothes in a closet, wall-hangings, large pictures, or even disguised to look like power boxes.

Other Options

Another practical office safe may be a depository safe. With a depository safe, you can insert money through a slit, mail-box drop, or rotary, where it will safely enter your safe. If this kind of safe is the right option for you, read more about them on the depository safe page.

At home, if you’re looking for a more creative place to hide your valuables (like in a sprinkler head, or inside a clock), check out our supply of hidden diversion safes!

If your safe will be primarily for storing jewelry, see our jewelry and high security safes!

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