Jewelry and High Security Safes

Jewelry safes are crafted with drawers and/or shelves to facilitate the organization of numerous items of jewelry. Whether you want to safeguard vintage pieces, family heirlooms, gold bars, expensive watches, real pearls, jewelry featuring real gemstones, or sentimental jewelry, this safe is engineered to provide optimal security and storage space for your valuables.

While designed for jewelry, jewelry safes can also store any other small items, such as personal documents.

Accessibility vs. Protection

Jewelry safes pose users with a slight paradox, in that users need to keep the safe in an accessible place while simultaneously using it as a defense against burglary. If a jewelry safe is concealed down in a basement, every time you want to put on your expensive jewelry, you have to trudge downstairs, which discourages you from using the very pieces you’re trying to protect. Why protect them if you never wear them once you put them in the safe? By installing the jewelry safe in a master bedroom or walk-in closet, however, you highlight the safe as an easy, one-stop jackpot of consolidated goodies for a potential thief.

The best compromise of this paradox is to put your jewelry safe in a place that you will use it, while simultaneously ensuring that your safe is strong enough to withstand an attack. Don’t settle for a safe with minimal protection ratings. Check that your safe has at least a 1/2 inch thick solid plate steel door. The walls of your safe, too, should be at least 1/4 inch thick too, with welded steel on all five sides. Also, firmly anchor your jewelry safe into the ground; thieves can get the best leverage to attack a safe with a crowbar when it is tipped horizontally, so bolting your safe upright will hinder  burglaries.

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