3 Things That Legitimate Locksmiths Do – and How to Prevent Locksmith Fraud

Unfortunately, some “locksmiths” take advantage of people in need and price gouge. Also, some pose as professionals but are trying to case houses for later theft. The best time to find a reputable locksmith is well before you need one. Here are some ways to spot a professional, and signs the locksmith who arrived at your door might be a fraud.

Too Good to Be True Pricing

Professionals in any industry charge a rate commensurate with their skill and experience. While everyone is looking to save money, a price that seems too good to be true often is. Consumers realizing that they’ve locked their keys inside the house may do a quick search and select a locksmith based on a low advertised price. Unfortunately, many of these supposed locksmiths may well discover that the job is “more complicated than expected” upon arrival and demand much more than the quoted estimate.

Professional locksmiths often advertise their skills and service areas rather than relying on drawing customers in with an unreasonably low cost. Look for a locksmith promoting professional service to avoid being scammed by an expensive con-man.

Professionals Do More than Open Locked Doors

Check out a locksmith’s website or advertisement before making the call. The scam artist looks to make a quick buck by getting your door open by any means possible. Because they aren’t professionals, getting in your house may involve breaking a door or window, or drilling a lock to open it. Any of these methods will require expensive repairs to your home long after the cheap locksmith has left.

A professional locksmith offers several services in addition to emergency locksmith services. They will often advertise their ability to cut keys, rekey locks, and sell different kinds of locks for residential or business applications. The professional locksmith is looking to create repeat customers and therefore has invested in the skills and equipment to be able to handle your emergency professionally, without damage to your home or lock.

Local Professionals With a Track Record

While there are many reputable people who do emergency locksmith work out of their homes or vans, these people can easily explain to you their lack of a physical address for their business. The scam artist not only doesn’t have a physical address, but often lacks any coherent reason for the lack of address. Many illegitimate locksmiths even post fake addresses online, which may appear to have real businesses, but are photoshopped in.

If you can’t visit their location, consider using the Google Street View as a way of determining whether the shop really exists. A professional locksmith usually has a local address in the area they are serving that can easily be found after a quick search online or in person.

The Safe Depot – A Name You Can Trust

The Safe Depot, and its parent company, Knowell’s Lock and Safe, has been delivering professional locksmith services to the Jacksonville area since 1978. You can trust their service and know that a professional will be at your service 24/7 whenever you need them.

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