4 Ways to Prevent Being Locked Out of Your House

It is not uncommon for people to be locked out of their apartment or house. It can happen for a variety of reasons, and almost everyone experiences it at least once in their lifetime. Some people forget their keys in a rush and don’t realize until the door swings shut. Others have a key break off in the lock at the most inconvenient time. Planning ahead can help you avoid being stranded outside and help you adjust if you find yourself without a way to get in.

Create Preventive Habits

The only way to stay organized when life gets hectic is to program yourself to perform routine actions in sequence. People who regularly lose their keys cut down on stress when they train themselves to put them in the same location every time. You probably don’t even think about looking both ways to cross the street because you’ve done it so many times. Use the same principle to keep from getting locked out.

Develop a habit of making sure you have your keys. Keep keys by your door so you can’t avoid seeing them when you leave. Always grab them with the same hand and place them in the same pocket to develop muscle memory that protects you even when you’re distracted.

Make Duplicate Keys

Have all the doors in your home re-keyed to open with the same key. Once a single key unlocks them all, make duplicates. One of the safest places to store your key is with a neighbor you trust. Put a backup copy in your purse or wallet in case that neighbor isn’t home. Other safe hiding places include inside a wireless keypad or inside your electrical box secured with a combination lock.

Burglars usually find it takes less time to break a window or enter through an unlocked door than to hunt for keys, but they still check obvious places. Don’t put your duplicate under the welcome mat, beneath a flower pot, by the front door or on top of the frame.

Install Keyless Entry

If you still have trouble keeping up with your keys, there are home security options that don’t require them. Some have a keypad that requires a code and others require a fingerprint. Homeowners can access smart locks with a cell phone, even if they’re not home.

If you enter through the garage, install a wireless keypad that opens with a code. Have a backup option, because if the power goes out the keypad won’t operate.

Call a Locksmith

Even with precautions in place, sometimes people still get locked out. Keep from being stranded in the middle of the night by researching reputable locksmiths. Store their number in your cell phone so you know who to call for help.

The Safe Depot provides 24-hour locksmith services. We’ll help you access your home or business quickly no matter when you call. Contact us today to find out more.

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