3 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Locksmith

You likely handle your need for a locksmith the way you handle your need for any other service and the way that most people today do- with a quick Google search. You may comb through a couple reviews or glance at an overall rating, but you’re probably already pretty irritated at being locked out of your home or car leaving you desperate to get someone there to solve the problem.


But before you dial a 24 hour locksmith, you really should be sure you’re hiring someone you can trust. You want them to do good work, and you want to know that they’re legitimate. So what are you to do? Ideally, you would find a locksmith before you needed the work, but most people don’t do that. Most people do not even think of having a locksmith on hand. Whether or not you have a trusted locksmith on dial, you can ask them a few questions to ensure their legitimacy.


This is a very important and good question to ask, especially if you are concerned about safety. Actually, you probably should be concerned about safety because when you hire a locksmith you’re trusting them with your security. This is even more true if you’re having a locksmith do something like break into or rekey your house. You may be giving this person access to everything you own! So It’s perfectly reasonable for you to ask questions about the legitimacy of the person you’re hiring.


Some states require that locksmiths undergo background checks before becoming licensed, but this is not the case everywhere. Check to see if your state requires it or not. If your state is not one of these, be sure you ask this question before asking for someone to be sent to your home.


What Services Do You Offer?

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Take note that this question is NOT “Do you do ___?”, because that is not the question you should be asking. You would be surprised how many well-meaning locksmiths agree to work that they are not explicitly trained in, because they want to help you out and because they want your business. You want someone who will do your work right the first time. So if you ask them to list their services and your needs are not among them, it’s time to call someone else.


What is Your Warranty Period?

Everyone makes mistakes, even the best locksmiths. So as the customer, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that comes with a warranty period, in case a week from now you find something wrong with the workmanship. But perhaps even more importantly, a warranty period shows the legitimacy of the locksmith and their confidence in their own work. You should expect at least a 30 day warranty period- any less, and you should seriously reconsider who you hire.


You’re hardly ever going to be pleased about hiring a locksmith- you usually only need them when it’s an emergency. But your satisfaction with the resolution of your problem will depend on just a little due diligence before hiring someone. When you find a locksmith you like, be sure to keep their number on file (or in your phone) so that you know who to call in the future.
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