The Perfect Safe for Your Office

Our offices are where we keep some of our most important items and documents. The things that help us do our jobs may contain sensitive company information, or may be difficult to replace if they become lost or damaged. As such, it is important to protect these valuables and documents to the best of our abilities.

The Safe Depot has all of the security solutions for your home or work office. We are committed to keeping your most valuable documents safe and secure against fire, theft, and misplacement.  Take a look at some of our highest quality safes. We are sure to have the perfect one that fits your needs in terms of budget, size, and protection.


Liberty LX05lh05-out

Are you looking for an safe that’s big on security but easy to fit in a small space or office? Look no further than the Liberty LX05. It has all the features you expect for protecting your most valuable items and documents, including impressive fire resistance and burglary resistance, all in an attractive package.

Four layers of fireboard in the ceiling and three in the walls and doors give this office safe 90 minutes of fire resistance for your peace of mind in case of a fire. The heat activated door seal locks out heat and smoke. The UL listed S&G electronic lock was chosen for this safe to frustrate manipulation by thieves while at the same time providing you with easy access.

The Liberty LX05’s thicker 11-gauge body and failsafe relocker means that this safe is sturdy and can hold its own against attacks. A defensive barrier of active 1.25 inch diameter locking bolts line all four sides of the 1 inch composite fire door. You can rest easy knowing that your most sensitive company information will remain hidden and private.

Need a little more room? The LX series comes in two larger sizes, the LX08 and LX12, and both sizes include a door panel for extra storage. All units come with adjustable shelving so that you can customize your safe for your specific storage needs.


Amsec UL3918Amsec UL3918

If you’re looking for a medium-sized safe with some of our best fire and theft protection, then you will want to learn more about our Amsec UL3918. Just how secure is it? It can last at least two hours in up to 1,850 degree heat. When you’ve got paper documents that you’re wanting to protect at all costs, this is your safe. As well, it can survive a fall from a second story building, which will be important in the event that fire causes a building to collapse.

The Amsec safe comes with lifetime fire warranty and one year parts and labor. It is outfitted with a 3 ½ inch recessed door, which has a ⅝ inch thick front to resist prying. The programmable combination lock comes with 1 million possible combinations, and a spring-loaded relocking device is activated when the safe comes under heavy attack. The handle-activated locking mechanism functions with ⅞ inch diameter solid steel chrome plated locking bolts for smooth operation.

This model comes with heavy duty metal casters and a gorgeous brass plated dial. The safe comes in sandstone or granite finishes, and is lined with plush velour. A medium-sized safe with full-size impact, we know you’ll be impressed with the durability and security of the Amsec safe. Look for it in all of the different sizes on our website!


Franklin Series Safe

When you’re wanting lots of space and serious security that fits within your budget, you might want to check out some of our gun safes. You may be thinking, “A gun safe for my documents? That sounds strange.”

But, it isn’t strange at all and this is why. Our premium gun safes come with 4-in-1 flex interiors that allow you to change the shelving to fit your needs. You can entirely replace the area of the safe set aside for rifles with convenient shelving.

Try the Franklin series safe, an attractive addition to any office space. This safe is reasonably priced starting at just $1,799, and chock full of the important features that you can come to expect from safes sold by The Safe Depot. This safe will survive fires of up to 1,200 degrees for at least 75 minutes, and comes with a heat-sensitive seal that expands to 7 times its size to protect your valuables from heat and smoke.

Larger 1.25 inch bolts and 33% longer bolt extensions with anti-pry tabs increase this safe’s pry resistance considerably. The triple case hardened steel plates ensure that theft by drilling will be thwarted. A defensive barrier of up to sixteen 1 inch diameter locking bolts fortify the door. Still not satisfied? The included DX-90 Monster Mech combines an over center cam with a relocker to prevent side punching better than direct drive safes.

Want more options? Looking for a different combination of features? Visit our website to look at more of our world-class safes, or come visit us at our Jacksonville, Florida location. We’re dedicated to helping you find the safes that perfectly meet your needs for home or business. We only stock high quality safes, because we understand the trust you are placing on us to protect your most valuable items and documents.

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