The Secret Safe Only You Know About

If you’re just starting the search for a secure safe to protect your valuables, or even if you have been looking for quite some time, you may be a little confused by the sheer number of options available to you. While they all have their uses and their strong points, we’d like to make a case for floor safes, which is an incredibly secure and convenient option for homeowners. If you’re unsure about whether or not a floor safe is right for you, then this blog post is just for you. We’ll discuss some of the benefits enjoyed by those who use them, as well as provide you with some high quality options.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind

One of the most obvious benefits of a floor safe is the fact that it is not immediately visible. A quick survey of a room, which is all a thief is likely to have, will not reveal where your most valuable items are located. As well, children and guests in your home may never become aware that you own a safe, even if the safe is in an area they pass through regularly. This camouflage is a valuable first defense against curiosity, tampering, and theft.


Space Saver

You may not have room for a full size safe in your home, or you may simply like your garage or bedroom to be as uncluttered as possible. Whatever the case may be, a serious perk of the floor safe’s design is that it’s inherently space saving. Since they are built into the ground, they’re not getting in the way of your walking space.


Plenty of Room

Floor safes are not limited by the amount of space in your garage or the thickness of your walls. Instead, they are limited only by the size of your foundation. This means that these safes can be quite accommodating. If you have a large number of valuables or valuables of an awkward size or shape, these safes can be a great option for securing said items without having to place a large freestanding safe in your home.


Serious About Security

A floor safe is built into the ground and surrounded on all sides by concrete. This means that there are less viable points of entry for a thief, and makes for an altogether more secure safe. A high quality safe that is well installed will impart maximum security and maximum peace of mind.


No One is Taking Off With Your Safe

One of the biggest concerns of any safe owner is that a thief will take off with their safe to allow more time for breaking into it later. Because floor safes are cemented into the ground, no one is going to be able to grab it and go.


What Floor Safe Should You Buy?

Have we peaked your interest? Curious about that floor safe options that are available? These are some of our (and our customer’s) favorite models. If you’d like to learn more or want to see a safe up close, come into our showroom and let our expert staff show you the ropes. We have a practical variety of sizes and styles to fit your home security needs.


AMSEC B2200B1500

The AMSEC Super Brute line of floor safes is our most popular one, boasting above average burglary protection at an economical price point. The safe has a large opening and a lifting door that is supported by struts, making it easy to access and store larger items in. It’s robotically welded and comes with a spring loaded relocking device to thwart break ins. The handle-activated locking mechanism uses five ¾” diameter locking bolts.


Worried about someone removing the door? Don’t be. A one piece heavy duty dead bar keeps the door firmly in place even if the hinges are removed. An oversized floor plate ensures a strong installation for excellent security. The door is flush with the rest of the unit, making it easy to hide under a rug or under furniture.



These STAR tube floor safes have been the standard for everything from gas stations to homes for over 50 years. Their resistance against burglary, fire, and now even water makes them an attractive option for those who want maximum security at an affordable price.


The manipulation resistant, changeable lock is protected by a revolving carburized hard plate. The body itself is of heavy B rate construction, and the door is locked by three bolts, each of which require 25,000 lbs to shear. The removable dial and the drive and drill resistant spindle prevent damage from would-be thieves, and the high impact molded dust cover with it’s rubber ring prevents water from damaging your valuables and won’t slide like most covers.


We think you’ll love the security and convenience offered by a quality floor safe for a variety of your security needs. It’s time to get serious about security and upgrade your secret hiding place! Contact us, at The Safe Depot, today at (904) 387-0042, or meet with us at our Jacksonville, Florida location.

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